Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 3 June 29 2009

Depart Hope 6:15am
Arrive Merritt 6:07 pm


Daily Km: 121.73
Time: 8:38:24
Odo: 345.4
Max Speed: 56.1km/hr
Avg speed: 14.1 km/hr

What goes up must come down

After the first 50km I was doubting I would maKe 60km today, but then, downhill and only minor climbs for the next 40km. I made several stops on the way up and made sure I drank lots, I even got in a game of Sudoku. There was a consession trailer set up at one of the rest stops, I had ham and eggs in a bun and choclate milk, $5.00, best deal going, good too.
At 90km I got off the noisy Coq and headed along Coldcreek Road for 30+km until I arrived in Merritt were I got a $55.00 room, tres sheik.
The Cold Creek Road was a beautiful quiet ride through farmland and ranches, I could smell the Pines rather than deisel fumes, a nice end to a long day.
A great meal at the Coldwater creek hotel, pasta in marinara with spinach, feta and chicken, even took a doggy bag for my ride tomorrow.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 2 June 28 2009

Depart Port Moody
Arrive: Hope

Departure Time: 5:50am
Arrival Time: 3:20pm

Km today: 135.79
Ride time: 7:12:02
Odo: 223.6
Max speed: 47.6
Avg speed: 18.8km/hr

Nice cloudy cool weather this morningm the bike fees lighter this morning after dumping the excess gear, handles much better. Had a nice ride out to Haney along the Lougheed where I met Rich. He escoted me to Stave Lake we said our goodbyes, It was good seeing him! always upbeat and happy. He,s helped me tremendously with equipment and encouragement.
FYI the Lougheed is not flat between Haney and Hope, several steep sections, but yes, lots of nice flat chuncks too!
Subway for lunch in Aggasiz, then rice, with lentils and dried veggies for dinner.That was probly the most milage I.ve riden in a day, tomorrow the Coquihalla!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 1 June 27 2009

Columbia Beach to Port Moody
Depart 7:00am
Arrive 4:42pm

Km: 87.9
Time: 5:49.7
Odo: 87.9km
Av Speed: 15.1 km/hr

Had a nice send off with Lorraine Jake and our good neighbours Vic and Judy Pearson. I dipped my front wheel in the Pacific, picked up a small stone to throw in the Atlantic, said goodbye and headed for the 10:30 ferry . I was met by my buddy Rob at the start of the bike trail in Nanaimo, had a quick chat and away I went.
My nephew met me on the ferry and bought me a nice breakfast, yes Lorraine, I let him buy.
I managed to get on the Trans Canada Trail in West Van that took a lot of the busy Marine Drive section, along. With some of the steep hills.
North Van was great to ride through they,ve really put the effort into bike lanes.
Got over the second narrows and onto Burnaby's Trans Canada Trail system, it was beautiful, except the hills, I have to lose some luggage.
Arrived at Ruth and Gregs and had a great meal, Ruth's Dad and his friend Ann joined in and we shared a big cake Laurel had made. Jim and Laurel were very generous leaving me lots of goodies, thank you very much. I,ll listen to the cassette tape when I get back, my cassette player is in the basement with my 8 track and VHS.
I unloaded about 20 pounds of stuff to lighten the load and headed off to bed, with Mindo.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pre trip

I've been busy getting all my ducks in a row prior to departure, just 3 weeks away. It's amazing how many little things there are to take care of