Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 53 Aug 18 2009

Moncton NB to Murray Beach NB

Depart: (from bike shop) 11:00 am
Arrive: 4:00 pm

Daily distance: 92.97 km
Time: 4:24:13
Odo: 6295.7 km/hr
Max: speed: 44.5 km/hr
Avg. Speed: 21.1 km/hr.

Got to the bike shop before it opened and greeted the owner who had still not opened the lid on his Tim Hortons coffee. I explained that I wanted to move the rear tire back to the front from whence it came and to put on a new rear tire including new tubes. I was going to put 2 tires on but the one is good enough to finish the trip with. Also  it was the actual tire that was dIpped in the Pacific prior to leaving and I don't know how the ruling comittee would feel if I don't dip the same tire, I also save $30.00. I also asked the guy to adjust the front derailer as I have been having trouble shifting and its easier, like any task, to repair in a clean shop rather than a sandy shoulder., He said he would look after it and that" I could pick it up sometime today." I said "how about in 2 hours" he agreed as long as he didn't get" swamped with customers"
When I returned 2 hours later my bike was sitting out in the showroom with a flat front tire, "its all ready" he says so I asked him if air was extra, he installed another tube and I paid him and left. About 10km down the road I went to shift, and nothing, the derailier cable hadn't been tightened, so I did it myself on the sandy shoulder. Todays lesson, Don't bug a guy that hasn't yet had his coffee.
Strong wind, fast riding. Was going great when I came over a hill and there it was, it took me by suprise. All along. I've been focused on reaching St. John's especially as I near the end and am planning my trip down to the hour. But when I crested the hill and realized I was staring at the Atlantic Ocean I stopped in my tracks. I wasn't prepared for it today and suddenly realized I was looking at it for the first time and I had come from coast to coast on a bicycle. It was quite a feeling for me and I grabbed a provincial campsite just down the road, I have a great spot and I ended the day early enough to go dip my feet. The bike wheel has to wait for the completion of the trip otherwise, what would be the point of continuing, I think this has been what I wanted to see all along, just didn't realize it.