Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 56 Aug 21 2009

Port Hastings NS to North Sydney NS (ferry terminal to NFLD)

Depart: 7:30 am
Arrive: 4:30 pm

Daily Distance: 144.99 km
Time: 8:01:18
Odo: 6716.2 km
Max: 49.7 km/hr
Avg. 18.1 km/hr

Weather: Sunny , 26 deg
Wind: E 10-20 km/hr

Roads: Ups and downs all day. 1 climb, Kellys Mountain, 7 km
Shoulders: Good (B)

Big day today, I had the last ride of this trip on the mainland, tonight I catch the ferry and head to NFLD.
I'm in a bit of a hurry to beat Hurricane Bill to St. John's so I am leaving the mainland tonight. The ferry ride is approx. 14 hrs and is due to arrive in Argentia Nfld  on Saturday the 22nd at 3:30. I still need to do 130km before arriving in St. John's. I will stay in a B and B that Lorraine had arranged for located just N of Argentia before heading out Sunday, hopefully . Currently the winds on Sunday morning are forcast to be 30km/hr picking up to 60 km/hr in the early evening, if I get an early start, I should be able to make great time getting to SJ, but risk being stuck in the middle of nowhere should the winds become unmanagable, I'll play it by ear.