Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 57 Aug 22 2009

North Sydney NS to Dunville NFLD.
(Ferry to Argentia)

Depart: 1:30 am
Arrive: 4:30pm

Daily Distace: (bike) 10.84km
Time: 00:38:36
Odo: 6727.0km
Max. 39.5 km/hr
Avg speed: 16.9 km/hr

Today was the big ferry ride to NFLD, 14 hrs and I was glad to have gotten on, I swtched the date from the 24th, that sailing has now been cancelled due to Hurricane Bill.
The ferry ride although long was a welcome break, the chairs reclined, it was quiet and I slept not bad. I met 2 couples from Vancouver that have been doing bike vacations together for a while, it seems like a good idea, they travelled light and B&B'd and Hoteled it, good plan.
When I got off the ferry I headed to the B and B Lorraine had arranged for me. When I arrived at the B&B, the host Frank and Barb had a rib dinner ready for me as they knew there was nowhere else to eat in town. I had a good visit with Frank, Barb and Franks brother Brian and headed off to bed so I could race Bill in the morning. This was my first B&B and it was great.